After 3 awesome months testing the website, it became clear that it had become FAR more popular than I ever imagined it would, and as a consequence. I've decided to rebuild it as I had a few 'small' technical issues with the website, which knocked it offline overnight.

In short, in under 3 months after launching the website, I've published over 10'000 blog posts, along with almost 20GB of images. Something I didn't expect to happen so quickly and clearly hadn't even planned for.

The server had already gone through two server upgrades already to handle the traffic and storage issues. So rather than try and keep pace (I don't have deep enough pockets). I've decided to take the website offline and rebuild it from scratch to make the necessary improvements.

This is a personal project and not a commercial website. In three months it's made enough money to cover a few days of hosting costs! That's all... I want to keep the website going, especially seeing how popular it has become both on Facebook and Twitter which is great. I've also seen huge increases in traffic in a very short time with the amount of people liking and sharing the blog post updates, as well as visiting the website.

So for the plan for the next couple of weeks is...

1. I'm going to rebuild the website with a new and improved theme. I was never overly happy with the old one and was more interested in getting the backend working properly...

2. Although the backend worked great, (maybe a little too good! 10k blog posts and 20GB), I'm also going to have to try and figure out how I manage old blog posts and more importantly, those images.

(I cannot allow the server to fill with over 80GB of images each and every year without some serious investment in the server...)

You can reach out to me on Twitter @DavidSmithSEO or on Facebook

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